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I am not sure if my problem is the same but here is what I have been experiencing the last two weeks.  When I try to send an invoice via email from the invoice screen QBs closes.  When I try and go to Files>Properties>send forms to check the settings QBs closes.  I am unable to send invoices to customers for online payment.  I use outlook for my email and I am running Windows 10 64bit machine.  Unfortunately this has added an additional layer of stress with everything else that is going on with COVID-19.  I chatted with an someone via QBs help today for approximately 3 hours they had me try a few different things.  The length of time it took was mainly due to the long wait time for additional instruction between steps.  I was finally left with them telling me since I am running Desktop 2019 I would need to purchase a support plan before they would help me fix it.  If I can not fix via this forum, I will just have to forgo using QBs as my payment processor since I can not justify additional cost of a support plan especially when this is possibly a know problem effecting many not just myself.  If this sounds like the same issue others are experiencing is there a way to add me to the list or is there a fix?  Thanks so much!

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