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Thank you for answering my question and providing me with instructions. I appreciate it. 


I was able to follow all of the instructions except for when it got to the last three steps: 

" Calculate based on quantity: If this isn't based on quantity and hours, then choose Neither."  I believe the WBF assessment is based off of hours worked including overtime. So would i select hours then? 

"Gross vs. net: Select net pay to ensure that this won't affect the gross wages that'll appear on your forms." It didn't give me this option. 
"Default rate and limit: You can leave the Rate and Limit fields blank. " It also didn't give me this option. 


I tested to make sure that I did this correctly by pulling up the next payroll check and I am not sure if it looks right. When I open up paycheck hours, In the left middle column it shows "Name: OR-WBF assessment, Rate: .014%, Quantity: total hours worked" And then below that line it shows: "Name: OR-WBF assessment Company, Rate: .028%, Quantity: total hours worked". 


And then in the employee summary section when it comes to both the "OR-WBF assessment" and "OR-WBF company" it shows $0.00. Is that correct? The company summary shows the correct amount for just the  "OR-WBF company". 


Any help you can provide I would greatly appreciate it. I just want to make sure I am doing this correctly. 

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