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Printing Picklist when items on sales order has 2 different sites

I am trying to figure out how to print a picklist or packing slip that only shows the items for the site the item was at. My business is unique and quite often we will have a sales order that has an item(s) that we have in stock as well as items we don’t have in stock but will be dropshipped by a vendor. All items are inventory items though. 


Here is short explanation of process with these types I’m having problems with: We don’t and can’t invoice the sales order until products have shipped from us and the vendor for drop ship. We create a sales order with item we inventory and item that will be dropshipped, create purchase order from sales order, print pick list/packing slip manually (advance inventory worksheet with advanced NOT enabled), email purchase order to vendor. We need to provide the vendor dropshhipping the one item with something they include with package but there is no way to give them the packaging slip or pick ticket because it would also include the other item we shipped from our warehouse. So lastly, we need to be able to do this before invoicing and preferably from the sales order part. 


I have played around with advanced inventory worksheet but we don’t use scan guns so that’s out. The only thing I can think of is to edit the PO template to not include costing or price and have vendors include a copy of the PO in the package and then they can have a copy themselves. But if I do that then the pick list for item(s) our warehouse needs to send out would then have the items we aren’t shipping on it so could create confusion.


Greatly appreciate any feedback or help in advance and sorry for lengthy topic.


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