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Hi Jen,

Thanks for your response. The problem I'm having here is not HOW to create an inventory item--but how to make sure my inventory is being properly allocated to each job. Right now the items that we buy to have on hand for future projects are not being tracked as inventory. We simply create a Purchase Order under the vendor's name, then create a bill from that PO, and then pay the bill. The COGS shows up in the Job P&L from the "customer" section assigned in the bill.


This method worked for a while when we had a small number of jobs and we bought materials as we went (and we knew which materials were for what job). Now, however, we have a lot of jobs, and we have started to buy bulk amounts of expensive glues to have on hand. These glues then get sent to a job--but our old method is no longer adequate because we don't know how much glue will be used for each job until it is sent.


When we buy the glue--it is no longer logged under a job name it's logged under "shop" or nothing at all because we have started buying in bulk, instead of buying for each specific job. How do we accurately track the amounts of glue we are sending out and how do we assign the prices of each amount of glue to a specific job?

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