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What is the point of Line Items on Credit Memos?

I'm trying to figure out how to issue a Credit Memo to a Customer but am stuck on Line Items. My use case is issue a Credit Memo a Customer to be applied to an outstanding or future Invoice, but QuickBooks seems to want me to specify an Item (Product or Service) the Credit Memo is for. I'm not sure what Item to specify, as I don't want the Credit Memo to apply for just a specific Item. The purpose of issuing my Credit Memo is for promotional reasons or overpay and has nothing to do with a specific Item.


Furthermore, I've been unable to determine what specifically the point of the Line Items on a Credit Memo is. When testing in my QuickBooks Sandbox account, it seems a Credit Memo I issue to a Customer is always applied to the next available Invoice, regardless of if the Invoice contains a Line Item referencing an Item the Credit Memo also references in a Line Item.


I understand I could use a DiscountLineItem on the Invoice instead, but I'd like to do this with a Credit Memo as the reporting seems more robust and I can track the specific date the Credit Memo is issued (as opposed to a DiscountLineItem inheriting the Invoice's date).


Can anyone help me figure out the best way to use QuickBooks for my use case of issuing a Credit Memo for a Customer that has nothing to do with a specific Item?


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