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Re: Is there a way to generate vendor service invoices based on hours worked and a preset hourly ...

Good day, scacct.

Thanks for reaching out to us today. It’s my priority to help you enter the hours and have QuickBooks calculate the total bill based on a preset hourly rate.

First, you need to create a service item to set the hourly rate for the vendor. To do that, follow the steps below:
1.    Click Lists on the top and select Item List.
2.    Click the drop-down arrow next to Item and select New.
3.    Enter the Item Name/Number.
4.    Place a check mark on the box next to This service is used in assemblies or is performed by a subcontractor or partner.
5.    On the Cost section, enter the hourly rate.
6.    Select an Expense Account.
7.    Select an Income Account.
8.    Click OK to save and close.

Once done, you may now enter your vendor’s hourly using QuickBooks Weekly Timesheet. Here’s how:
1.    Click Customers from the top.
2.    Click Enter Time and select Use Weekly Timesheet.
3.    Enter the Vendor’s name and select any date within the week for which you want to display a weekly timesheet.
4.    Select Customer: Job.
5.    Select the Service Item you created for this vendor.
6.    Enter the hour per day for the whole week.
7.    Make sure the Billable box is checked.
8.    Click Save & Close.

Now, you can create a bill for this vendor to see the total based on the hourly rate. Follow the steps below:
1.    Click Vendors at the top.
2.    Select Enter Bills.
3.    Enter the name of the vendor.
4.    On the pop-up message, click Yes.
5.    On the Select Time Period screen, enter Start Date and End Date of the time period for which you want to pay.
6.    Click OK.
7.    Under the Items column, you’ll be able to see the hours you entered for that vendor.
8.    Mark them billable and click Save & Close.

By following the instructions provided above, you’ll be able to enter the hours correctly and QuickBooks will calculate them for you.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you need, I’ll be here to help. Enjoy your day!