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How do I find out which expenses do not have a receipt associated with them? (New QBO user)



I'm new to QBO and QB in general. I just started a new job and need to figure out the best way to get things done in QBO (matching bank transactions to expenses that are already in QBO, attaching receipts to expenses, reconciling).


My manager wants every expense in QBO to have a receipt attached to it. I'm having a hard time finding receipts that I know are in QBO and verifying that they have been attached to an expense. I see transactions in the bank register that are marked "C" and have the icon stating that the transaction was "Manually added from bank feeds". It seems to me that I should be able to see the associated receipts at that point, but apparently that's not how QBO works. I need to be able to tell which expenses have a receipt associated with them so I can ask my manager to upload the missing receipts. As it stands, I have no idea which expenses have receipts.


What is the best (most intuitive) way to get these very basic things done? I have several months of reconciliations to do, and to me, QBO is clear as mud.




Thanks in advance.


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