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Let's see what happened here, Xelectricx.


Merchant accounts aren't closed or deactivated unless you've requested for it. I'd recommend contacting our Payments Support Team to review the security of your account. You can reach them using this link: Contact Payments Support.


Meanwhile, payments are deposited to your account within five business days if this is your first time to use QuickBooks Payments. This is because we are still setting up your merchant account. The next time you receive the customer payments will be deposited to your account a lot faster. You can also log in to your merchant account to see what is the status of those deposits. You can use the following links for reference: 

If you still need assistance in reviewing the deposits, you can contact again our Payments Support Team. You can use the contact link I've provided earlier.


Let us know how this goes so we know what else we can do to get everything set.

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