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I have the same problem.  But, I don't need the software to track the extra text boxes.  I just need to see them on both work order and invoice both on screen and printed.  I don't need to track anything from these text boxes, I just need them for reference for myself and my customers.  


Say I'm fixing a customers refrigerator, I need to put the year, the make, the model, and usually a long serial number for the specific unit identification so the customer can sign the estimate authorizing my to do the repair.  without that info, I have no legal proof they said to do the job.  I don't use that info for tracking any financial transaction.  I just track money with the customer name.  I use that info for tracking exactly which unit I worked on for the customer, and for getting parts, repair info, and also to be sure the customer can not claim it was a different unit I fixed for them.  Also the customer wants a warranty receipt with the units specific info with the specific repair for their warranty.  But, I can not figure out how put general text boxes that will be viewable on both the work order screen and the invoice screen, and printable on both, for me to enter that info.  If I go to the "Layout Designer" and put a plain text box on either my estimate, or my invoice, it does not show up on the screen for me to enter any information!

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