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Muli-User QB Invoice and PO Numbers Change when 2 People are Entering Information

We have a Multi-User license of QuickBooks Pro. Before one of the updates we had no problems entering information out of sequence in Purchase Orders and Customer Invoices. However, when two of my bookkeepers are both entering Purchase Order OR Customer Invoices they enter the Date, Number, customer info, etc... however if the other person hits save and new while the other person is also on the PO or Invoice screen, their number changes from what they MANUALLY put in. We do not follow a sequence as our system for handling ecommerce orders has declined orders, quotes, and sample requests (all zero dollar amounts that will never be entered in QB) so our PO's for actual item orders skips numbers. For this reason they are both entering PO's at the same time from our Ecomm system then then bill, the customer invoice, then payment info. It's very frustrating since they both need to be able to manually enter the PO or the Invoice number generated from our Ecomm system. When they are both entering whoever saves first the other persons number changes, EVEN IF they've manually entered another number. It will put a message on the screen saying the number has been changed to XXXXXX because another user has entered an order. Is there any way to stop this? 


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