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Re: Muli-User QB Invoice and PO Numbers Change when 2 People are Entering Information

@ClayJ I did do the Rebuild as well as the Verify - NO Errors found in the file. I believe @blbruner is correct. There is NO way to turn off the auto number as it's designed with the QuickBooks PROGRAM to do so.  So WHAT is the point of Multi-User? If just one person did Purchase orders and only one person did Invoicing there would be no problem. However, I think this is where QuickBooks hits it's ceiling for "Small Business" and it's time to research a larger accounting package that can truly handle Multi-User entry. I've seen the work-around to remove the number box from the layout and insert a text box but then trying to search is ridiculously hard. Until we decide to choose a larger more functional package, our people will just have to pay attention and go back and change the numbers. Very annoying and time consuming, but at least it warns you that it did make the change. Thanks for all the help trying to figure it out. I just didn't want to start looking for another package if there was some simple checkbox I was missing. Thank You All!

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