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Love your simple, no-nonsense explanation of receiving payment vs credit memo :) I'd like to take this one step further by explaining our situation as a non-profit neighborhood security program.  While it is not required in our neighborhood, we encourage all households to participate in our off-duty police officer security program.  We do this by e-mailing 500+ households every January with an "invoice" for $250, but also offer the ability to pay at different tiers ($350, 500, 750 and 1,000).


Our big issue comes at the end of the year when, let's say, 200 households made payments of $240 and up and the other 300 households paid $0.  The way we are currently "getting rid of" those 300 unpaid invoices is to apply individual credit memos to all 300; tedious and leaves a lot of room for error.  What alternative ways could we "invoice" or request contribution from our neighbors that would make it easier to remove the unpaid invoices at the end of the year (not issuing credit memos)??  Brainstorming is much appreciated! :)

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