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Why don’t you place a hold on payments during the already long wait time instead of the day of the deposit so it takes longer?

I have a couple questions: FIRST why when my payment is going to be deposited like that day do you delay the payment, when you’ve had 7 days to do so. Why wait until it’s about to be deposited then put a hold on it then send me emails that explain what’s needed so it stalls my payment for even longer? Why can’t this be done during the 5-7 day time frame? SECOND why when I bring up that your not following NACHA rules does my payment ability suddenly get disabled so I’m no longer able to take payments? THIRD I was told that y’all can hold payments for 210 days because that’s how long a customer has to dispute it or stop it.. WRONG! Banks only allow 30 days on check payments to be stopped, but usually after the check is settled (3-5 business days) they will not allow a stop payment. CC are a different story but I’m talking check payments (ach) FOURTH why does it take 7-10 business days for me to receive a payment? Checks or ach payments can be deposited next day with any other business I’ve dealt with. FIFTH why are my deposits still on hold I’ve submitted the requested documents and the funds have been taken from My customer and cleared on his end so where is my payments. Is this something I need to talk with my lawyer about because I feel like my rights are being taken from me and that your holding my payments illegally. Some answers would be great as I don’t seem to get any from calling in. They all beat around the bush and don’t tell me the truth. So if someone HONEST could answer that’d be great