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Just joining in on the rant that this product has to be the worst example of what should have been a smooth transition from a desktop to an online version that I have ever seen in my life - an utterly hopeless user interface when compared to the desktop version which I have just been forced to leave.


I did finally get some sense from email support, so try doing this to see if it helps - the information appears to all be here for me to be able to make the payments, though Desktop was monitoring some payroll owings like SSP and income tax rebate, which hasn't crossed over to online, so I am waiting on some advice to tell me how to adjust the liabilities.

This was all so straightforward in desktop - we went to the employees section and selected 'pay liabilities'.....couldn't be is beyond belief that a similar button or section has not been provided.

I may as well have changed to Xero like everybody told me to, though I stuck with Quickbooks because I don't like change - how wrong could I have been?!  

So - show me how to adjust the liabilities and I will be happy (Desktop had a button for this....just saying....)

Oh, and please give us a section for completing all of the payroll activities like paying our liabilities (we have to pay them every single month, you know....funny that!)

I have never spent as many hours on support lines as I have this week and I am pretty smart with all this stuff, so I can't begin to imagine how the migration has been for those who aren't quite so savvy with this technology....they must be rocking in a corner somewhere, hoping that the whole thing will just go away...