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How to change payee for an existing, paid bill?


It's time to do the 1099s for our contractors. Mid-way through the year, one of our consultants changed from being paid directly using his SSN to paying him through a sole proprietorship and an EIN.


The problem is that somehow the bills continued to be written and paid to him directly instead of using the company name he created.


The bills were paid via direct deposit and were more than $600 for the year.


How can I change the name on the bills and subsequent payments that were made from his name to his company name instead?


I tried deleting the payment applied to one of the bills, thinking I could then change the name of the bill payment, but QB says I must first delete it and recreate it.


There's about five total bills and corresponding payments involved. Should I just write down the amounts and dates for each and redo them all?

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