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ok i got the sales tax thing straighened out thank you qbteachmt... looks like i will have to amend my sales tax for a few months as i was over paying, i was paying tax on the gift card sales and again when they redeemed the gift card, anyway thats easy enough to fix but now i am even more confused on how to enter gift cards and on accounts so looks like i will need to get help after all because just when i thought i had it figured out today my brain cant process anything and the stress and distractions dont help lol... when i do this like you say-

These two Work Together:

Negative entry for Other Charge item linked to a generic Other Current Asset account for "sales not being paid today, but charged to pay later"

Same item or a similar one with more specific names, for Positive entry for "payments made now that are for those who Charge it previously and promised to pay later, and now they Paid later."

when i enter positive number for the payments that have been made the daily sales invoice shows positive number and is no longer zeroed out and i cannot figure out how to counter that, i dont know where to add the difference to zero it, i know you keep explaining things and its not sinking in. edit............ok dont answer this i dont know what im talking about...

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