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Re: Invoicing my customers for inventory items is not decreasing my inventory and increasing my COGS as it should. Help?

@Rustler   @qbteachmt


Hi guys,

You two have been most helpful for me in trying to get all of this straight. I have finally gotten a decent understanding of how I went wrong with my inventory asset items and am working to correct it. The one problem that persists for me is that I need a way to track the dollar value of the stock materials like mc cable, romex cable, screws, nails, wiring devices etc that we have on hand. I do not have a feasible way to track these items individually, as my boss just does not operate that way and the accountant has told us that all he needs to track is the estimated dollar value of what we have on hand and how that increases and decreases. 

So, I am seeking your help to understand how I can do this. I have been told repeatedly that QB should do this for me as I invoice my customers for stock materials used, but it isn't. I am attaching a copy of an invoice where I billed the customer and reports showing how it is not posting to the job at all unless and until I make a Journal Entry.

Are either of you able to set me straight and tell me how to do this without making Journal Entries, which I understand are not the thing to do?Invoice.png reports.png

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