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job cost detail report

I am using Quickbooks Premier Contractor Edition 2019.  We print Job Cost Detail reports, weekly.  One of our vendors requires payment by check.  We receive approximately 70-100 invoices a month from this particular company & at the end of the month we get a statement.  We use this statement to confirm all entered invoices and make a payment via the statement.   They used to accept cc payments.  That was easy, every invoice that came in would be entered under CC charge and show up immediately on the Job Cost report and at the end of the month when we receive the statement, we would compare all entered invoices with the statement and pay.  Now they want us to pay by check.  I can't write 70-100 checks a month to one company.  I can't enter them as CC charges (this method is the only way they will show up on my job cost report).  I tried entering them as a BILL and they are not showing up on my JOB COST report.  Long story short, how can I enter each invoice, without writing a check each time, so the invoices reflect on the reports I use daily and still make ONE single, lump sum payment at the end of the month?


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