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I had a character limit on my original question, so just to expand.  My client uses GoPay to take milestone payments from clients.  She 'swipes' their cards through GoPay, but on the QBO side, is creating a new/unique sales receipt rather than attaching to a partially paid/open invoice in QBO.  I want her to stop creating a unique (duplicate) sales receipt, but she doesn't know how.  I can't really see 'her side' since I don't use GoPay at all nor the app.  Any ideas?


I've worked around it by zero'ing out the open invoice and accepting the sales receipt, but it's messy.

If the invoice was in a prior period, zeroing it out changes the accrual. It would be better to create a Journal Entry dated same day as SR: credit AR/customer, debit whatever income account was used in the SR

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