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@DB67 wrote:

Great U Tube.  There are some key differences in format when using the desktop pro program.  Getting the items into inventory can be difficult to get done.  Since I do not use the billing feature I have had to use a WIP account. 


I'm not sure what you mean when you say you aren't using the billing feature and unfortunately I'm not familiar with how the WIP account would work in your specific scenario. 


When doing this I have not been able to get a class established. 


You can access the class list under LISTS at the top of the screen and then CLASS LIST.  I DID notice (unless I missed it) that it doesn't look like you can associate a class with an inventory items in the items setup in the desktop version the same you can in online version.


Also I am being told that all reconditioning expenses cannot be recognized until a sale takes place, so those expenses are carried as inventory.  Normal lot costs including detailing are recognized immediately.  Does the Class program have to be turned on somewhere in the software? 


To my knowledge the class feature should already be turned on



This process certainly is much easier with the On Line software.


I am still interested in seeing the exact debit and credit of accounts using the Desktop Pro Chart of Accounts.



I'm sorry that I don't have as much experience with the desktop version.  If some of the other well versed people on this community don't have any other ideas on how to handle this situation, I would recommend reaching out to desktop tech support and explaining what you're doing and maybe even direct them to the youtube video as an example and let them know you're trying to do that in desktop with a few differences (such as using the WIP account).


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