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So is the most efficient method as a landlord using an agent to manage the property to use a zero balance account (zba)?  I set up automatic memorized monthly invoicing to track rent receivable from prop mgt firm.  However, I used 'items' such as mgt fee, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, as offsets in the invoice to get to the net deposit.  It created P&L problems.  Example: $1000 rent, $100 mgt fee, $50 repair expense. If I only collected 3 months of rent, the P&L still showed 12 months, or $1200, total for mgt fee expense using cash basis reporting (I don't understand why). Other problem is if 1099 is needed for prop mgt, 1099s don't work for customers (obviously, after the fact for me).


So, is the most efficient and accurate method to use memorized invoice for the gross rent amount, $1000, to the zba, memorized mgt expense $100 to the zba, and pay (false) checks for various repairs from the zba, then transfer the net check amount, $850 in the example, to the actual bank account?  Uncertain about using false qb checks, or potential issues such as "To Be Printed" as I only use a checkbook.  Need to learn more.


One other twist.  Prop mgt retains a min cash balance for repairs, say $200.  Easier to manage that in a separate account or use the ZBA account (no longer $0, now it would be $200)?


Quite a bit to do for one seemingly simple check deposit.  On cash basis, manage a few rentals.


Thank you in advance.

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