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Hi Kristine, I am hoping you can help me ;) I am using a late 2013 iMac with El Capitan (for whatever reason the hardware won't let me upgrade to a newer OS). I have Quickbooks for Mac 2016 R33. 


QB has been running just fine on my computer for months.


Yesterday I tried to update the OS to Mojave. Long story short, lots of problems, apple support, apple store visit, put El Capitan back on, and computer was "back to normal" the way it was in the morning. (We did NOT have to do drive format, and I have not had to reinstall any software.)


SO.... Today in Quickbooks, everything looks just normal, but I went to "receive payment" and I log it toward an open invoice just as before, and it will not accept the funds. I can click save, and I hear the money sound effect, but the deposit does not show in my cash account, or any other account. And it also does not reduce the balance owed by the client. So it's like the payment never happened.


I've verified the data file. There were issues, so I did a rebuild. And I verified again, then it all check out. But still will not take the payment for the client.


Advice? Thank you.



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