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Income recorded in P&L

I'm hoping to be as clear as possible. 


I offer payment plans to clients. When I set up an invoice in QB, I've noticed on P&L that it records it as income according to when the invoice was billed verses when it was paid. 


For example, 

I bill Jamie Smith $1200. She has three payment plans. I set up the invoice according to the date I invoiced her, which is 10/29/17. She makes one payment on 11/5/17, another on 12/5/17 and the last on 1/6/18. As of 1/6/18, her invoice is now paid in full. However, in QB it shows the income for the invoice as of the date I invoiced her, which is 10/29/17 before any payments were even made. 


Is there a setting that I can change? I'm confused as to why it would record income in this way when I was paid across three different months? If I can't change it, any suggestions on how to "credit" the account so I can record each month I'm paid?


Thank you!



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