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Re: How do I set up recurring direct deposit bank payments from my customers?

Thanks for getting back, @rameet.


Allow me to chime in and help share some information about setting up recurring payments. 


If you want to set up automatic received payments from your customer on the schedule you set, you can set up a recurring sales receipt for the charges.


Once you send your first recurring sales receipt to the customer, you'll have to to be the one who enters the bank information from your customer then select the I have authorization and would like to process this transaction hyperlink to provide your customer with the Bank Transfer Authorization Form. Check the box to ensure the payment will process each time a form is created using this recurring transaction.


recurring sales receipt.PNG


That should do it. If you need additional information about the sales receipt recurring transaction, you can refer to this link: Set up a recurring sales receipt.


Keep me posted if you have other questions about your recurring transaction. I'm always here to help.

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