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Re: Customer Contact List by Location



@Todd Miller wrote:

Does anybody know if you can run the customer contact list to break out by location?  I have 2 stores and we enter sales receipts at both locations.  I need to email customers different marketing material based on where they purchased at.  So, getting 2 emails lists would be great.  I just can't find a way to run the report by location

@Todd Miller 


Currently, Customer List by Location Tracking report is not available in QBO. The database is already there in QBO, all they have to do is modify currently available "Sales by Location Retail" and be able to add few new columns like email, address and so on. And also, be able to filter the columns from the report as you need. Or just a simple Customer Contact List report be able to filter by class and location tracking would also work.


Customer type feature is not really designed for location tracking tasks. You assign customer type for business to sort out for example commercial, retail, government, wholesale and so on. Or create price rules for your customers.

This workaround may or may not work for what you want to do but definitely not the right solution you want in QBO.


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