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Re: Our vendor/supplier wants us to invoice them for the amount of a claim we have on one of their bills instead of deducting the amount they owe us in a payment. How do I do this ?

It's a couple of steps, but there's a pretty straightforward way to do this.

  1. Create a customer account for your vendor so you can cut the invoice in their name
  2. Open the bill with the amount you're filing a claim against
  3. Add a new line on the bill to reflect the claim amount. Include appropriate comment, mark it billable, and specify the new customer account as the customer.
  4. Adjust the other lines on the bill as needed to reflect the claim. You don't want to change the overall amount of the bill.
  5. Save and close the bill.
  6. Open Invoices -> Invoice for Time and Expenses
  7. Locate your vendor's customer account, which should show the amount of the claim.
  8. Select that account, select the expense you're billing, and create the invoice.

Note that when you go to pay the bill, you'll be paying the full amount; and in the meantime you'll be waiting for a check for your claim, which you'll apply to the open invoice when it shows up.


Good luck!