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Re: New Price Increase

When I started 6 years ago the price was $25/mo. and it eventually rose to $60/mo. a year or two ago. Now they are forcing me to join the advanced plan simply due to the number of classes/properties I have in the database. The new advanced plan is $150/mo. This is about a 600% increase in 6 years. I don't need half the features they've added. Received a message yesterday that I MUST upgrade to send out an invoice to an existing client using a new Property (field). They are holding my business hostage. Actually, it's businesses as I have two online accounts with them. This is nothing other than price gouging.

I called today to try to see if there is a feasible workaround or price reduction and they just kept repeating the same line over and over again that I should speak with my accountant and reorganize everything in the system to no longer use more than 40 classes/properties. With this change though my reporting functionality would be lost. 

They know how much of a nightmare changing accounting software is and are simply capitalizing on that.

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