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So I look at a deposit for $12.78 on 5/30/19

(register > click on the deposit > edit)

that I created a sales receipt for

(separate sales receipt created using the example from a  quickbooks article and has a balance of zero).


I see at the upper right (in the bank deposit screen for that specific deposit) there is a link "online bank matches."

I hover over it and see ...

Date  Type  Amount  Payee  Mode
05/29/2019  CREDIT  $12.78  DEPOSIT  Manually matched   (UnMatch - Button)
So the sales receipt is in fact dated on the 29th (which should probably be edited to the same day as the deposit, or not?
Sales receipt has a line item Retail Sales: Checks with amount of -$12.78 
Yet another deposit has no such match link and I see the $97 dollar deposit and the -$97 entry on the sales receipt.
None of the other sales receipts have that match info (no link at all)...
There is no link to even make a match, either.

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