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Re: another user has made changes to the selected transaction

This is a totally B.S. (had to change from original word to enable posting) answer. Typical Intuit/QuickBooks: "Oh, it couldn't possibly be anything wrong with our software, it must be something wrong with the user's company file, the user must have screwed up in some way. No way am I going to spend Intuit's money by suggesting that our development team look at this."


Did you even read far enough to see where I said, “This has been wasting my time for at least 2 years, and 2 years ago I found a posting complaining of the same thing from 3 years ago (that post now "no longer available").” Do you really think that in two years, I haven’t done—many times—the steps that you suggest?


And did you notice that I said, “Obviously, I'm using QB Desktop in multi-user mode, and this problem disappears when in single user mode.” But Intuit hates having to support those of us attempting to use QuickBooks as a real accounting software that should, you know, work at every thing it says it will do, and all the time, and with more than one user: that what Intuit says their product will do, it should do.

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