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Re: Do you mean "them" instead of "it"?

@Malcolm Ziman wrote:
Do you mean "them" instead of "it"?

Them is the book publisher who promised per se @$4 to print and distribute each book you sell.


Bit if they will not give your account details, you are a slave to the program.


In outher words if they suddenly break the contract, and charge you $11.90 per book to print.

They books worth $14.99.


And its $2.99 to ship.


You will be robbed blindly by the publisher , even if you sell thousands of books every day.


Like me...


You will not be handed your royalties.

They basicly own the publishimg proceeds.

Since they have the account.


Go to the publishers printing department.

They charge $1.00 to print and ship each book.

The publisher can charge whatever they want.

And steal your story line.


If you use the direct printer.

You buy your sales package premium for $50 $30 for legal,$10 for basic publisher formatting.


But a vendor can charge $700 for a basic package.

I was totally gypted of my entire royalties.


I sold 100s of thousands of books.

World wide.


But every time i called to collect quarterly earnings.

They removed it off my site.

And claimed i was not selling any books.


Thats the truth ,i even took pictures, of the earnings.


Dawn morphew is a great deal.

Shes only charging $3 per book.


But i know her with a private company.

Clubhouse membership.


The site is called

Their not in it for the money.

But you do probably need a membership.



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