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Re: How do I add the credit card processing fee to an invoice without being charged the processin...

According to this Dallas News article from Nov 2018, Texas overturned the ruling.


This article from 2 days ago states the same thing. 

As of 2018, Texas businesses can surcharge. In Rowell v. Paxton, the court determined that surcharging is considered protected speech under the First Amendment. Thus, the Court ruled Texas’ “no surcharge” law unconstitutional.


CardX’s Razi tells CardFellow, “With this legal victory, Texas joins California and Florida as states where “no-surcharge” restrictions have been declared unconstitutional. Now, Texas businesses have the option to pass on the fee when their customers choose credit cards for convenience or rewards.”"


However the law is confusing to interrupt and still states that business can't charge a fee. Contact an attorney to clarify. 

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