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Hi, Isaiah58Financial.

You've got me here today to help you get hard copies of your Profit & Loss report via QuickBooks Desktop.


The indent between the numbers on your Profit & Loss report isn't adjustable. The indent normally shows if you have set up sub-accounts. This way, you can identify the amounts from the sub-accounts to the parent accounts.


As a workaround, you can export the report into Excel and print it from there.


Here's how:


  1. On the report screen, click Excel at the top.
  2. Choose to Create New Worksheet.
  3. Click Export.
  4. You can print the report from there.



The following articles are good references:


For additional help, you can also reach out to our QuickBooks Desktop Support.


  1. Within your QuickBooks Desktop, click Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Click Contact us.
  3. To route you to the correct support expert, we need to know what type of question you have. Give a brief description of your issue and click Continue.
  4. We’ll provide you a few options. You choose which one is best for you.

Feel free to drop a reply below if you need more help in printing hard copies of Profit & Loss report in QuickBooks. I'd love to help.

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