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Progressive Invoicing: how to choose just one item from list on QB 2013 for Mac?

I have QB 2013 for Mac. I want to invoice progressively. I have selected "progressive invoicing" in the preferences. I have created an estimate that shows a list of like items with the same pricing so that I can bill my client $50.00 per month, the list looks kinda like this:





To reiterate; I did this so that I could invoice $50.00 at a time using the item called "design." When I create my invoice and select my client, the estimate appears and I choose the estimate. I select the third button down which says that I can select a certain number of items from my estimate . The problem is, when I select any specific line, the entire list is transferred to my invoice. How do I select a single line item from my estimate to apply to the invoice? Thank you.


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