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We don't need another form to do invoices. He's not requesting we have another form. He's saying we draft (calculate and write up) our invoices and estimates while we are writing them into the program. For many of us, this takes longer than three hours!


We expect our work to be saved and protected by the program. Currently, our estimates or invoices that take more than three hours to write up as we 'draft' them into the current forms is in danger of being deleted. Why would QBO put our work in danger of being removed? Especially work that takes longer than three hours to do!!


To not recognize typing, or modifications of a form is insane.  The recognition of user input is the save button only? Is there any data or events to support the need for a security tactic of kicking us out of the program when the save button isn't hit over a period of time? Has this saved any business from fraudulent activity? I seriously doubt it. But even when the idea of shutting the program down to secure it during non-use came up, not a single engineer or executive thought about the need to save whatever was left on any forms? It's like a conscious decision to ignore the obvious and expensive set back of utilizing such a feature.


I'd rather have the option of turning off the "auto-off and erase your work security feature". I'd feel safer.

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