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Sales Tax Liability Report Has Wrong Information

I ran reports to pay my state sales tax today. I ran the Sales Tax Liability report at 10:58. I couldn't get my numbers to balance on the sales report so I went back to into QuickBooks to make sure I didn't have anything coded wrong. At 11:09, I pulled the Sales Tax Liability report back up so that I could check the transactions for each column. This report had different numbers.



Total Sales = $10591.73

Non-Taxable Sales = $7980.74



Total Sales = $11651.73

Non-Taxable Sales = $9040.74


No other columns had changed information. Both of these reports are done on an accrual basis. No one else was in this company file and I never even opened the invoice area so I know I didn't make a change. This is the second month this has happened and we're a little concerned as to what the problem might be. If anyone could recommend some things to check, I would appreciate it.


Thank you.


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