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Need to merge 3 items in my inventory into one

I have items in my inventory that are negative.  I need to somehow adjust or merge 3 items into 1 in my QB inventory.  So, for example, say quantity 25 of item #123 is purchased; but item #123 can be sold as either item #123, or #124 or #125.  So on the purchase order item #123 is brought in with the quantity of 25.  Then customers order item 124 or 125 and it creates a negative inventory for those items .......They are all sold for the same amount.  How can I fix this?  I have no way of changing the purchase order as I don't know what item it will be sold as until the customer buys it.  Could I merge item #123,#124#125 together and in the description on the invoice it can say item #123, or #124 or #125.  What is the best way to handle this?


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