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"I want each item, their rate and their quantity to show...

"I want each item, their rate and their quantity to show up on the check stub."

The issue is, your Check is not a Check. It is a Bill Payment Check = AP only. You paid a Vendor Balance, not those details. You can see this by opening that Bill Payment Check on screen and use Ctl Y. Here are the debits and credits behind the scenes; there is Only AP, because you used Bills.

You can run the vendor a Report for the bill details.

Or, if you are entering a bill, just to pay it right away, there is no need to use Bill first. Entering a Bill is only done because you want to Accrue something you don't intend to pay right away.

If you are a Cash Basis tax filer and you enter a bill to be paid later...then, using Check is fine for your data entry and management. The Check Date is your financial payment date. Enter the details on a Check to be Printed later; not a Bill to be Paid later.

Now you get voucher details.

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