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"I want each item, their rate and their quantity to show up on the check stub."

The issue is, your Check is not a Check. It is a Bill Payment Check = AP only. You paid a Vendor Balance, not those details. You can see this by opening that Bill Payment Check on screen and use Ctl Y. Here are the debits and credits behind the scenes; there is Only AP, because you used Bills.

You can run the vendor a Report for the bill details.

Or, if you are entering a bill, just to pay it right away, there is no need to use Bill first. Entering a Bill is only done because you want to Accrue something you don't intend to pay right away.

If you are a Cash Basis tax filer and you enter a bill to be paid later...then, using Check is fine for your data entry and management. The Check Date is your financial payment date. Enter the details on a Check to be Printed later; not a Bill to be Paid later.

Now you get voucher details.

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