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OK, and first, thank you so much for helping me work thro...

OK, and first, thank you so much for helping me work through the understanding on this.  I'm getting confused because I'm taking in too much at one time.  Perhaps I'll just ask for the next step and you can tell me?

As per your suggestion, I edited my employees name (in the vendor center because I had previously set him up as a vendor).  I placed "X" in front of his name and marked the vendor inactive - done.  Then I created him as an employee, filled in all the pertinent info (W4, etc) for him.  After that, I managed to enter in all 18 checks he was issued this year.  I did this through the "enter paychecks" spreadsheet looking screen.  After that, I checked each entry to make sure that "Do not affect accounts" was checked - it is.  I then entered for each of the 18 transactions, the dollar amounts I withheld (MD, Medicare, etc).  So, if I'm understanding you correctly, I have now "populated the YTD data" for this employee.  I've attached a couple of screen shots for authenticity.

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What is my next step?