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"but now what I would *like* to do, is convert this emplo...

"but now what I would *like* to do, is convert this employee's pay data into the Quickbooks Payroll."

You cannot "move" the vendor name. Put an X in the beginning and then make it Inactive, so it doesn't show for selection.

You cannot Move anything to payroll, either. And, you don't have to. You have accounting data; there is nothing to Move about it.

Don't delete and re-enter. You already have Activity. Unless you really have nothing else to do this month?

Set up the Employee and your YTD existing info is going to be used to Populate payroll in the Payroll setup wizard; pay attention to the Options button NOT to affect accounts. You want everything to get its "background" for YTD, but NOT also hit expense, bank and liability again.

Please see my screenshot attached.

"so I'm guessing you just enter in their hours for the pay period, and it will properly set up the paycheck, and increase the withholding liability accounts per the tax tables, etc."

Setting you the Employee Default before adding employees gives everyone the "starter" settings; or, edit the names. You want to set them to "pay from time data" so that payroll reads the Timesheet and you use the Timesheet for data entry.

Intuit removed all the video tutorials from these products. I put the links here, for us:
2015 and 2016 video tutorials