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Balance forward that shouldn't exist shows on customer statement

I'm keeping the books for a friend's in-home daycare company in QB 2016 Pro Desktop. I create a new invoice for each customer at the beginning of each year. For one customer, the 2016 invoice shows no balance due. However, the customer balance detail report shows her with a $166 balance at the end of 2016, and a customer statement for the current fiscal year shows a $166 balance forward dated 12/31/2016. This appears to contradict the $0 balance due on last year's invoice.

Additionally, I recollect that the customer did have a $166 balance due at the end of last year and that I wrote it off to a "bad debt" account, but there is no corresponding entry in "bad debt."  I'd appreciate any help finding where that $166 is hiding in the company accounts.

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