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It's 2020 now and Quickbooks still has this obvious problem!

Like others I worked on an estimate for over an hour, leaving to other tabs as one does, and when I returned and hit print/preview --- poof ! Gone! I'm staring at the login screen. Why, when I log back in, and go to the sales screen, do I don't see the unfinished estimate there???? In my rage, I found this thread and it's super frustrating to see it hasn't been addressed. Gmail and other services have trained us to assume our work is saved in real time. The amount of money Intuit has, (purchasing Credit Karma for $7.1B in cash and stocks!) Can't we get AutoSAVE!! Maybe I should go back to doing my estimates in a google sheets mod!

Sure, I've adjusted for three hours working time now as suggested above, but I'm not going to trust it. Maybe Intuit knows that people are locked into their services for other reasons, like online payments and accountants who prefer we use quickbooks, so they can get away with letting things slip! l Let's be honest, the overall interface of Quickbooks is a bit Byzantine and clunky (estimates don't even get their own category under Sales), I don't need more reasons to cancel your service!

Auto Save Feature Now before I fund a social media campaign!

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