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Hi, thanks so much for your reply, but that isn't my issue.


The -5 does show up in QBO- it was automatically added, as I have PayPal connected to QBO. My problem is that, when I am reconciling my PayPal account, there is a $5 payment made via PayPal at the end of the month, but there is no offsetting deposit from the bank account until a few days later in February. For every transaction in PayPal, I have 'matches' on my reconciliation here- for every $3 payment made via PayPal, there's a $3 deposit from the bank account to PayPal to offset that, since PayPal is pulling money from my bank account. However, the $5 deposit from the bank doesn't get to PayPal until the next calendar month. However, the PayPal statements don't record these deposits from the bank- only the charges to PayPal.


On my PayPal statement, it only shows the PayPal payments (the *minus* amounts) and not the bank deposits (but BOTH of those things show up in QBO). So, on my PayPal statement, it shows the -$5 at the end of the month, but the ending balance is still $0, even though the 'offsetting' payment from my bank doesn't come through until the next calendar month. So I'm stuck with a -$5 reconciliation discrepancy because my PayPal statement doesn't reflect this.


So basically, the automatic PayPal feed that downloads to QBO doesn't match the PayPal statement- they appear to track the PayPal account activity in a different way, which makes it seemingly impossible to reconcile.

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