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Hi, thanks so much for your reply.


I'm still having an issue even after having added these manually. The problem seems to be when I match the transfer. I'm recording the expense in the PayPal account, and then I'm recording the movement of funds from checking to PayPal as a transfer, which I would typically just match up with ease and be done with it. However, recording it manually, I put the date the money was transferred into the PayPal account (1/31) on the PayPal side, according to the PayPal statement, and then I put the date the money was actually pulled from the checking account (2/3) on the checking side. If I just have the single transaction on the PayPal side, then the reconciliation looks great. But when I match it to the transfer from checking on 2/3, that transfer isn't available on my January reconciliation information anymore, still leaving me with a discrepancy. If I change the checking date to 1/31, it'll fix my PayPal reconciliation but mess up my checking account reconciliation because the information shows up on my January PayPal statement, but on my February checking account statement. :/


Thanks for your continued help, I appreciate it.

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