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Creating a Custom Invoice Template

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018

I have made a copy of the Intuit Product Invoice Template and am making changes to it.  In Layout Designer, I am having a problem with the columns in the detail area (item, description, quantity, price, etc).  The problem is that I am unable to resize the width of the first column (most left column) - it is so narrow.  I can't seem to grab the right column line and move it.  The screen with show me line pointer that indicates I have the column line but when I move it, it shows dashed lines like I am attempting to draw a box. When I release the mouse, the resulting dotted line box disappears. I am able to grab and move the lines bordering the other columns, however, they have no effect on column one.  The problem originated when I changed the order of the columns in the additional customization's screen.  


Secondly, why are some columns unable to be selected for both screen and print?  I would like all columns to appear for both screen and print.  




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