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Uncategorized Sales in report

I have followed the instruction for missing profit in the reports tool, but to no avail. I have several categories and sub-categories to be listed in the reports. Some of them work flawlessly and show up just as I want them to. Others don't show up at all. My initial thought was that it is because the missing Products are listed as having 0,00 Value. For these products we manually enter the prices on the invoices, depending on which Tier is ordered. But for another product this works fine, so that can't be it. I also checked the linked accounts for the products, but these links also seem to be fine. The only way I can make them show up is to run a report from the product page itself. Than all of a sudden they all show up, correct pricing and all. I did make it work by manually going into old invoices, filling a new line with exactly the same product and pricing, and than all of a sudden it shows up in the Profit Report. When I run a Product report after I rewrote one Invoice entry, it does get its own (correct) category, while the others all fall under 'Sales', even though they are listed under the correct account when I check the individual invoices. 

Before I go reworking all the passed invoices (in the hundreds) I was hoping there might be another solution.


Thank you!

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