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Thank you so much for sharing those details, Alert SIx Ltd. I would like for you to test something for me to rule out any browser-related issues. Open a private browser, log into your online account, and select that Advanced Search option. Below is the short cut option to do this.


  • Ctrl+ Shift+N


If you can get the link to work, this indicates that your cache needs to be clear due to some form of data corruption. The instruction for how to do that for Google Chrome can be found in the article. However, with Quickbooks Online, there are other ways to search for transactions. You could do this by customer name, vendor name, and transaction type. Here's how for each:



Customer Name

  1. Go to the Sales tab, then click Customers.
  2. Choose the customer to view all the transactions.
  3. If you would like, you could use the Filter option to refine your searches, like adding the transaction type and date.


Vendor Name

  1. Go to the Expenses menu, then pick the Vendors section.
  2. Scroll through and select the vendor to view all transactions.
  3. Again, you can use the Filter option to search for a specified date or transaction type.


Transaction Type (Sales)

  1. Go to Sales, then hit All Sales.
  2. Use the Filter ▼ drop-down menu and add any additional information.
  3. From the Type ▼ drop-down menu, choose your desired transaction type.
  4. Once completed, select Apply to make these adjustments.


Transaction Type (Expenses)

  1. Go to Expenses, then click Expenses.
  2. Select the Filter ▼ drop-down menu and add the necessary information.
  3. From the Type ▼ drop-down menu, choose the transaction type, and select Apply once finished.


By following either one of those steps, you will be on your way to success. For more information on finding transactions quickly and easily in Quickbooks Online, this article is very resourceful.

We're here if you have questions or need clarification. Simply leave your response below. My team and I will do our best to assist. Until then, be safe and take care.


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