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Marking Up Two Sided Transactions... Possible?

I'm a service based, sole prop in the "film / photography" industry and self taught when it comes to all things accounting. Using QB desktop for Mac.


A few years back, @qbteachmt (hi!) had me set up two sided items in order to better my job tracking and reporting as well as being able to invoice for costs. 


This week, I rented equipment from a 3rd party and charged the cost of that rental plus a markup to my client. I need to create an invoice that charges for the rented equipment as well as the markup, but hides the markup and reads in a way that makes it clear to my client what the line item is. 


Marking Up A Billable Expense - this is what I did in order to create the invoice.

I know how to markup a billable expense, but, when I do, on the invoice "Reimbursable Group" shows up as the item and "Total Reimbursable Expenses" shows up as the description by default.


I'm aware that I can change the description, but, Reimbursable group remains as the item. Why is this? Is there any way to change this?  


Marking Up A Two-Sided Item - while hiding the markup? 

Is this possible? 


Here's my best guess: Add the two-sided item to the invoice with it hidden (using the "hide" checkbox), which doesn't change the invoice total, and then add another line on the invoice (but, for what item/account)? Also, won't this record some aspect of the transaction twice? 



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