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After testing this, @MariaSoledadG I'm discovering that newly added jobs also do NOT automatically add the Customer Type to them.

I find this to be a huge oversight. I would think the jobs would be linked to the customer/company and therefore would include all locations. No one wants to send a partial incomplete statement to a customer.


We have customers who today might have 100 locations and another 50-100 in a few weeks. Take that scattered over a ton of customers and it's worse. Even so, that's not the main point.


The point is the jobs are created outside of QB and as a result unless you're finding the needle in the hay stack (since the new locations are filtered by ascending order) you would have to constantly go through the hundreds upon hundreds of locations to ensure that every location has been edited to include the Customer Type.


There's got to be a better way.


Thank you.


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