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We have 21k items, I don't think I'll be running that report. It would be more efficient for me to manually sort through the items and choose the ones I don't remember ever selling than it would be for me to run that report and attempt to compare items. If there was a way to run a report that just listed the items sold without all of the transaction information (or just showed 1 transaction per item instead of every transaction from the past 2 years), that would be helpful. But I have items that I sell thousands of in a year as well, so that report is just not a good option for us. Running the suggested report for just this month to date is 27 pages, and this is by far the slowest year we've had in sales since 2012. If you have any tips on how to make that report work for our volume in sales, I would be open to it, but I just don't see that as a functional option. The extra items will just continue to bloat our item list as they always have until an update that solves this issue.


I read the very difficult to navigate blog website about updates, and despite clicking through several options that I thought might apply, I was unable to find the feature. I figured it's possible I missed something in that maze of options, so I figured I'd ask.


Thanks for your help.

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