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Thank you for your reply. But I still not sure if this works for what I need to do. I had researched before sending my request and found the same answer you gave me. And it seems this explanation only addresses a specific scenario - for example giving a refund for a return. And that will work on that specific scenario but not for what I need.

What I need is to refund a customer the credits and/or overpayments posted in QBs. Before you sent me your answer I created the Expense, used A/R and selected the customer but the overpayments were still unapplied. The amounts won't clear. BTW the feature to automatically apply a credit is off. My question is:  how can I create a refund for a customer using only specific amounts shown as overpayments? How can these overpayments be removed and show as refunded to the client? Thank you again.

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